Change of season

Boost your strenght during the spring by a:

vitalizing  nutrition, integrating seasonal fresh food daily
Individual nutritional advice will give you inspiration  and motivation
synergies of medicinal plants ( phytotherapy), to get rid of toxins, to support the liver and strengthen the immune system
a supply of specific nutrients (micronutrition)  thanks to an  individual assessment  

The purpose of the micronutrition is to :

restore the intestinal flora and its immune function
regenerate the lining of the gut and its role in the assimilation of nutrients
compensate  the lack of sun exposure and the deficiencies of certain vitamins & minerals

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The natural defense of the body becomes weaker due to nutritional deficiencies, stress, lack of physical exercise, various pollutions,  overuse of  anti-biotics and other medications.

Our defenses can be strenghtened by vitalizing food, rich in anti-oxidants, (vitamins C, E, tocopherols, carotenoids, polyphenols).

Let’s try to put them on our plate daily !

Simply by getting to know them better.

A well balanced nutrition contributes to lighten the burden of the liver, which has a crucial role in the detoxification process.
The liver neutralizes the undesirable chemical substances (medication, hormones, pesticides).

The bile drains the fat-soluble wastes and excess of cholesterol. It also stimulates the intestinal transit.

To cleanse and protect the liver is essential to stay in good health.
A synergy of plants can be combined with oligo-elements  in a seasonal custom cure. It will also help to avoid Ear Nose Throat problems and the flue by building up a better immune response.

The balance of the intestinal flora influences the digestion but also the immune system taking place in the gut. Certain probiotics, beneficial bacteria from our own flora, are able to stimulate the immune system and to fight against viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Probiotics restore the properties of the intestinal system.

The intestinal wall plays a crucial role in the assimilation of nutrients but also in the immune function. This wall must serve as a selective permeable barrier depending on the healthy balance between the various populations of bacteria in the gut and on the supply of specific nutrients ( like certain fibers and glutamine).

The priority is to improve  digestion and the global immune function while  relieving  the gastro-intestinal problems, regenerating the intestinal wall and restoring the flora.