Healthy pregnancy and newborn baby

How to be better prepared for the pre/conception period and pregnancy up until breastfeeding?
How to welcome the newborn baby in optimal health conditions?

During the crucial period of 1000 first days of life from conception until the 2 years old infant, the state of the flora ( microbiota) has a tremendous impact on the overall health of the child.
The whole maternal microbiota i.e vaginal, intestinal, oral, placental plays an important role in the harmonious development of the foetus and influences significantly his immune system and the prevention of allergies.
This period requires specific needs which can be addressed with natural solutions by:

 assessing the nutritional status ( minerals, vitamins,, Essential Fatty Acids...) to insure a healthy pregnancy and post pregnancy
 assessing the various stress factors ( environmental for example)
 restoring the intestinal flora
 setting up an individualized nutritional plan integrating specific nutrients in order to regulate blood sugar and to prevent such complications as gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia

A nutritional program during pregnancy contributes significantly to improve the health of the mother and baby.
The transmission of a balanced diverse flora from the mother to the baby during the natural birth depends on the healthy state of the mother's flora during pregnancy. This is a very good starting point for establishing a robust immune system which will be also strengthened by all the healthy nutrients in the mother's milk. The most delicate phase in the baby's diet begins with the weaning of the breast milk.

At that point, many questions arise such as :

 how long breastfeeding should last?
 when to diversify the food?
 how to choose the follow-on milk?
 how to prepare nutritionally balanced meals providing among other elements, good essential vegetable oils?

A well balanced nutritional program during pregnancy and breastfeeding has a strong influence on the proper physical and mental development of the child and keeps the mother healthy!